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Last Update:    Monday, 24 February 2014

Services offered in the Communities of
Kerang, Cohuna, Boort,
Pyramid Hill & Quambatook

Northern District Community Health Service received funding from the
Victorian and Commonwealth Governments
General Information
Information regarding Client Advocacy
Information available regarding Consumer Rights
Download a copy of our Service Brochure from here
Download our referral form from here or we can accept electronic referrals via
the connecting care website.


Service Fees
Standard fee per visit $ 10.00
Concession fee per visit $   6.50
Annual Service Access Card $ 20.00
Annual Service Access Card with Concession $ 15.00


Health Promotion
A wide range of health promotion, prevention and information provided. Groups or individuals may contact the Community Nurses. Key health issues addressed include: Chronic Illnesses including: Asthma Education and support, Heart Health, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Physical Activity, Mental Health, Cancer awareness and prevention, Smoking Cessation Courses and many others.

Contact Tanya, Claire, Jenny or Tricia for more information.
Well Women's Health Service
Nurses providing Cervical Screening, breast health, contraception advice, family planning, women's health information, menopause information and young women's health.

Contact Alexia or Claire for appointments.

Outreach clinics are provided at all of our centres. Click Here for a list of outreach dates.
Flood Recovery Support Workers

NDCHS has Flood Recovery Support workers available to support people affected by the 2011 floods.

Flood Recovery Support workers can provide:

  • Brief screening and assessment of people’s needs and capacity.
  • Information and advice about services supporting flood-affected people and communities.
  • Assistance with applications and paperwork.
  • Assistance in making referrals to services.
  • Outreach visits including joint visits with other services
  • One-to-one work with people to strengthen their capacity to seek assistance and to offer assistance to others in the community.
  • One-to-one work with people to strengthen people’s connections with family and friends.

For more information, please contact us on 5451 0200.

Foot Care Program
Foot care for persons of all ages. Podiatrist, Nurses and Allied Health Assistants provide Foot Care Services which are provided in Kerang, Pyramid Hill, Boort, Quambatook and Cohuna on a regular basis. Karen, Lisa, Sue, Alex, Yvonne, Fay & Simonie will take care of your feet.
Speech Pathology
Our Speech Pathologist, Brooke, provides support for any person experiencing difficulty with speech, hearing, swallowing or general language skills. Screening of children is offered in pre-school.
Specialist Homelessness Service
Provides assistance for persons experiencing accommodation issues or who are homeless. Rachel & Emily can provide support for families or individuals.
Men's Health Worker
A health promotion and early intervention focus on all health and well being issues which relate to Men's and Boy's health can be discussed with Greg.  The Good Sports Program which supports sporting clubs to manage alcohol responsibly, is included.
Mental Health Carer Support
This service provides short term assistance and support to carers of people with a mental illness.  This can include:
  • Emotional Support
  • Information and resources
  • Support with flexible respite options
  • Advocacy
  • Referral to other Services

Who is a carer?
A carer is someone providing unpaid care for a parent, child or family member who has a mental illness.  Carers come from all backgrounds and range from the very young to the elderly.

Many people fall into the role of carer.  They see it as an extension of their responsibility when a person they care about becomes unwell.

The carer may not necessarily live with the person for whom they care.

What is the Service Area?
This service is provided to carers living in the Gannawarra, Northern Loddon & Buloke Shires in Victoria.

For more information, contact Diane on 5451 0200.

Youth Support
Lesley & Paul provide support for young people and their families within groups or individually.
School Focused Youth Service Program
Provides links between schools, health and well being services, young people and their families. Jim can provide a link to a wide range of services and programs to support young people
Generalist Counselling
Support for families or individuals on life issues and relationships. Contact the office for counselling support.
Rural Alcohol & Drug Withdrawal
Leah, Claire & Diane provide support for persons requiring detoxification either in the hospital or home environment.  This includes smoking cessation.
Youth Outreach Alcohol & Drug Program
Lesley & Paul provide support to young people and their families effected by drugs. Support for young people both within groups or as individuals.
Indigenous Children's Program
Provides information, support and training in parenting skills. Gwenda is available for information or resources to support Aboriginal Families.
Diabetes Education
Support for individuals and their families with diabetes through the Managing Diabetes & My Heart Health Group run by Angela & Alana.  As well as the group, individual Diabetes Education appointments are available with Angela.
Managing My Heart Health
Healthy lifestyle cyclic program for persons and their families in high risk of, or post, heart disease. Angela co-ordinates this program which is delivered in Kerang and Cohuna. All persons affected by heart disease are encouraged to attend the Managing Diabetes & My Heart Health Group.
Diabetes Supplies & Sharps Disposal - KERANG
Subsidised supply of testing strips & needles for persons with diabetes. The Kerang Centre is registered with the National Diabetes Supply Scheme.

For more information phone 5451 0200 or call into 24 Fitzroy Street, Kerang.  Office hours are 8.30am - 5pm week days.
Diabetes Supplies & Sharps Disposal - COHUNA
Subsidised supply of testing strips & needles for persons with diabetes. The Cohuna Centre is registered with the National Diabetes Supply Scheme.

For more information phone 5451 0250 or call into 25 King Edward Street, Cohuna.  Office hours are 9am - 4pm (closed from 12 - 1) week days.
Alana provides dietary information on wide range of health issues. Our Dietitian and Diabetes Educator are available for appointments.
Occupational Therapy
Assessments and supports to improve quality of life within the home. Kerry & Amy can provide support and advice to aged or disabled persons to improve their ability to cope in the home.
Home & Clinic Community Nursing - Pyramid Hill & Quambatook
Available in Quambatook and Pyramid Hill - providing nursing care to any person requiring support. Yvonne, Jenny, Rosina, Madeleine and Maria offer support Monday to Friday.

Clinics run from 9 - 10am Monday to Friday or by appointment.
Drink & Drug Driver Program Accreditation Number: 99/061
Assessment and Education Program offered by Leah & Cindy.
Asthma Support
Tanya, Leah & Claire provide asthma education and support to individuals and their families
Visiting Services
Adolescent Mental Health Services - staff visit the Kerang Centre regularly.

Australian Hearing Bendigo attend the Kerang Centre on a Monthly basis.

For more information or appointments for any of the above services, contact our Kerang office on 03 - 5451 0200



Vision:    Healthy, vibrant and connected rural people, families and communities.

Mission:      To provide quality care, which enables people to increase their control over,
and improve, their health and well being.

Values:   Confidentiality, Integrity, Respect, Empowering, Community based